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Mike's Picture

Picture of local feature, Little Mumbulla (just north of Bega NSW Australia) taken around 7pm 20 December 2004 revealed a surprise upon later viewing.



Object over Little Mumbula

Mike assures me he did not see the 'object' at the time he was peering either through the viewfinder or at the tiny screen of his camera. You can get the full-sized image here.

Here is a clip from the original:

Crop from full-sized image

It is probably a bird. More recent shots have revealed similar images.


Rail Worker Snaps UFO Near Melbourne

He went to inspect the crossing and took several pictures on his digital camera only to find the 'object' when he was back in his office. Full story here.

UFO Near Melbourne at ufoevidence.org

You can get the full-sized image of this sighting here.

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